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Change is hard.


Harvard Business Review reports that 70% of change initiatives don’t work. 


Major consulting firms are experiencing only a 30% success rate with their digital transformation initiatives.


So why is change so difficult to adopt, and what can we, as leaders and individual contributors, do about it?


“I believe that successful change adoption is 10% about the process… The other 90% to move that change forward is based on the motivation and willingness of the individuals in that organization to adopt the change. Change happens through people.”


This week’s episode of the Leadership Launchpad Project features Cassandra Worthy, the Founder and CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global. Cassandra is the world’s leading expert on change enthusiasm, and in this episode she provides invaluable insight on:


  • What companies get wrong about change.
  • Where resistance to change is rooted.
  • The relationship between change and emotions.
  • How leaders can start to create a culture of growth and innovation in their organization.
  • The power of authenticity.

You can find the interview on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and more.

– Coach Rob

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