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What is Elite High Performance?

Elite High Performance provides a science-based coaching process designed to drive your health, wealth, self, business and relationship performance to the next level.

How Does it Work?

Specializing in mindset strategy architecture, we utilize cutting edge success psychology brain training tools that will help you unlock and unleash your highest potential.

Why are We the Best in the Business?

Our ‘Elite High Performance Coaching Process’ has been getting industry leading results with the world’s highest achievers for over a decade, because it draws on first-hand, behind the gates experiences in some of the most competitive High-Performance environments on the planet.

WHO is a good candidate to work with me?

  • You are a high-achiever – you value a high standard of excellence in your work and your personal life
  • You fear you cannot sustain or grow the level of success you’ve achieved thus far in your work and your life
  • You run on deficit strategies – going outside of yourself to get what you need to feel inside of yourself to sustain high levels of achievement (external validation)
  • You feel like an imposter (like any minute, the other shoe will drop and you’ll be exposed as not good enough, smart enough, or a fraud
  • You feel “blocked” or stuck – like your up against a glass ceiling all of sudden and your growth is roadblocked
  • You are running into the brick wall – your energy, confidence, motivation, focus levels are in a tailspin and you feel like you’re crashing and burning out
  • You have a burning desire for change but are held back by the fear or belief you are unworthy of success or cannot make change happen on your own
  • You want and are ready for a high Rate of Growth … months, not years!
  • You recognize the value of investing in a Top Coach who will encourage, push, challenge, support, and hold you accountable is key to moving forward
  • You are ready to bust out of your comfort zone and level up your mindset so that you can play a much bigger game and attract abundance in every area of your life and work
  • You are ready to become a true high-performer – running on the intrinsic strategies that help you realize high-quality results sustainably in your health, wealth, self, business and relationships

What We Do

High Performance Coaching

Success psychology brain training that will activate and unleash your highest potential in all key areas of performance: S, H, B, W, R. Our expert team of High-Performance Coaches specialize in the mindset strategy architecture that will maximize your Rate of Growth (ROG) sustainably for the long haul, so that you can LevelUp and play your biggest game.

Public Speaking

Keynote Speaking

From Google to digital start-up companies, nobody inspires motivation and mindset strategy architecture from the stage better than Coach Susan Hobson – a powerfully inspirational keynote speaker, she helps teams and organizations LevelUp and play a much bigger game. Bring her onsite or offsite to empower your employee’s performance today.

Online Courses

Online Courses

Our online courses make it easy to brain train for high performance anywhere and anytime that is convenient for you. The Mental Gym is your online portal to maximizing your rate of growth and realizing your highest potential in any area of your performance. Hit the ground running without any time, energy or cost excuses holding you back.

Are you a

High Performer?

Take the test now to find out if you’re a high-acheiver or a high-performer – because there is a difference and it is affecting your quality of life.

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