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Jan 25

How You Can Support Your Young Athletes

If you are the parent of an athlete, or the coach of an athlete, please keep reading.   Sport disengagement is at an all-time high. I’ve spoken with dozens of coaches and parents over the last year and keeping their athletes engaged is by far the biggest challenge that they are currently facing.    If […]

Jan 24

The Power of Psychedelics in Healing and Growth

“The ego, however, is not who you really are.  The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing.  Your social mask thrives on approval.  It wants control, and it is sustained by power, because it lives in fear.” – Deepak Chopra   As leaders, before we can […]

Jan 20

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Why does growth, or any kind of change for that matter, have to be associated with discomfort? The fact of the matter is that the discomfort I’m talking about is often what keeps people from changing because it almost immediately becomes something that we want to avoid. Discomfort = bad, scary, unwanted,.. (all of the […]

Jan 18

How to Take Care of Your Mental Health in 2022

As January kicks in and we get a start on our goals for this new year your mental health should be a top priority! I believe that building a skillset in emotional intelligence is fundamental to our success as high performers.    If emotional intelligence hasn’t been on your radar here’s why it needs to […]

Jan 17

Leveling Up Your Coaching

“Coaching can take you to uncharted territories that you never thought you would go to” Betty Lam   Coaches have the power to change lives; whether that’s for the better or worse.  They can help us achieve our goals, realise our potential or keep up playing small.     The coaches’ coach, MJ Jennings, joins us […]

Jan 14

Announcing the Launching Leaders Scholarship

Are you a special young leader or do you know one? We at Elite High Performance started the Launching Leaders Scholarship to connect young leaders to leadership coaching to unleash their highest potential!   Elite High Performance is on a mission to change the way life and business are being played forever.  We believe in […]

Jan 13

How to Solidify Habits and Sustain Motivation

To tag on to what Coach MJ shared with you on Tuesday morning, how we feel emotionally drives our decision-making process (if you haven’t read that then go back and give that a read). This is SO important when we are trying to stay on track with those New Years resolutions. If you want to […]

Jan 11

What Drives Your Behaviour?

We often think that by doing better, we’ll feel better.    Once we get fit, we’ll feel strong. Once we win, we’ll feel confident. Once we make more money, we’ll feel worthy.  Once we get acknowledged for our contributions, we’ll feel happy and fulfilled.    The problem with this is that FEELINGS DRIVE BEHAVIOUR.    […]

Jan 10

The State of the Job Market

We have all read and seen the articles and statistics on ‘The Great Resignation’.  Here are some of the latest statistics from survey done by Joblist called Q3 2021 United States Job Market Report and surveyed over 25,000 job seekers:   73% of 2,099 respondents who answered this question on their employment plans are considering […]

Jan 07

Setting Goals with Intention this New Year

Happy New Year!   As we have entered into a New Year, with a lot of new beginnings, I wanted to hit on two crucial steps that make achieving your new set of goals more likely. So often, when the new year begins, we get a hit of increased motivation to do new things, develop […]

Jan 04

The Gift of a New Year

Hello & Happy New Year!    January represents a month of new beginnings. This year, while it might feel challenging to remain optimistic in the midst of a world that keeps throwing us curveballs—here we are with a fresh start and a new chapter in our lives.    If you’re reading this it means you’ve […]

Jan 03

My Top 10 Leadership Launchpad Project Podcast Episodes of 2021

At Elite, we love to spend time looking at our growth, our victories and our progress to reinforce how far we’ve come in our journey.  It adds to our resources as we pursue more impact and bigger things in the future!   One big victory from 2021 was kicking off The Leadership Launchpad Project podcast […]

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