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Aug 11

Calling All Perfectionists

We might call it having standards or “doing things right” but perfectionism at its core is the need to be or appear to be perfect or the belief that it is possible to achieve perfection. It is often viewed as a positive trait – in university I heard many people claim to be perfectionists with […]

Aug 09

How to Self-Assess Your Performance as a Leader

We often have annual performance reviews with our direct reports, but what about with ourselves?    It’s incredibly important to reflect on our performance as leaders, and continuously find ways to improve and grow as we transition from project to project or year to year.    Here are five questions to ask yourself to enhance […]

Aug 04

I Hate To Do It…But I’ve Got To Hand It To Morning People

It truly pains me to say this…I am becoming a morning person….As in someone who wakes up way too early and actually enjoys it. My younger self would be so disappointed seeing as I pretty well vowed to never be one of ‘those’ people.    Yet, I spent the majority of my life up until […]

Aug 02

How We Undercut Our Confidence

Confidence is required fuel for success in any lane of performance. Yet many of us unknowingly undercut our confidence daily.   As high achievers we have a playbook of beliefs that sets us up to pursue high standards that are difficult or impossible to live up to. Because the standards we set are difficult to […]

Jul 28

Brain Training for Athletes

We all know that 90% of sport is mental, yet too many athletes spend time only training their physical body. If you don’t master your mindset, you’re leaving the majority of your performance and growth up to chance. It’s mental performance that separates good athletes from great ones, and amateur athletes from professional ones.   […]

Jul 26

Who was your ‘Mr. Burgess’ Growing Up?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have some wonderful teachers and coaches over the course of my life. Here are a few that stick out and what I remember about them:    My Grade 8 Science teacher, Mr. Burgess: He was a FUNNY man. I remember always being engaged in his class, because his energy was […]

Jul 21

The Reality of Setting Boundaries and Saying NO

  Saying “No” is a skill–and it’s one that I had a particularly difficult time learning. It’s not an uncommon phenomena in women who are taught from a young age to be wary of other people’s feelings…and not to hurt them. It’s an interesting double-edged sword that we learn to balance on; be emotionally aware […]

Jul 19

This Moment is Unique

Over the past week we’ve seen spectacular images of the universe from the James Webb Space Telescope.   It’s the most powerful space telescope ever built and it’s capable of looking back almost to the beginning of time. One of the best images, a picture of the Carina Nebula, shows stars being born through cosmic […]

Jul 12

Why Are You Asking The Question?

“We want to feel things are done WITH us, not TO us.”   We often seek input from others, especially when faced with the task of making a complex or difficult decision.   “What do you think about…?”    “What’s your opinion on…?”   “What would you do if…?”   We know how to ask […]

Jul 07

How Do You Deal With It?

As a Canadian who lives in a border city, I jokingly consider myself to be a ‘pseudo-Canadian’. Having spent a lot of my childhood traveling to the United States, watching U.S news, and even choosing to spend 4 years in Wisconsin, Wisconsin for my undergraduate degree and another 2 for graduate school, I feel very […]

Jul 05

What Does Empowerment Look Like For Me?

Many years ago I was a client of Elite High Performance. One of my most enduring memories of my coaching process was the day I left my session and later googled “what are human needs?”   Out of everything I learned from my own coaching process that one left the biggest mark. Looking back it’s […]

Jun 30

Who Leads the Leaders?

The need for support, guidance and objective perspective. These are HUMAN needs. Becoming a leader does not suddenly exclude us from these needs, although sometimes there is a false perception that that’s the case.   Think about it…   To believe that we can do it all on our own, and that we don’t need […]

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