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Nov 01

Escape Toxic Workplaces with Rob Kalwarowsky

  Are you feeling stuck in a toxic work environment and don’t know what to do? Elite High Performance Leadership coach and TEDx speaker, Rob Kalwarowsky, joins James “JR” Reid on the Coming Up Clutch with JR show.  As a former star athlete who struggled with acceptance from his father, Rob understands the impact of […]

Oct 29

Do YOU Find Yourself Questioning Your Confidence?

Why Don’t I Feel Confident? Confidence is the required foundation that we need to go after opportunities, perform at a high level and explore our potential. If you’re like me, you’ve wished to feel more confident and wondered if some people are just born with it. Fortunately, confidence is a state of mind that we […]

Oct 22

One of the Challenges Being a Coach

The Biggest Issue in Coaching Someone asked me the other day what the most common ‘issue’ I come across as a hockey coach is. They continued to ask about players not understanding systems, special teams, effort level, motivation, and consistency, thinking those were all pretty common struggles. While I definitely agree with all of those […]

Oct 15

What Does a Leadership Coach Do?

Types of Leadership Coaching When I left my corporate job to become a leadership coach, the number one response I heard was “Wow, that’s amazing!”, followed quickly by “So what does that mean exactly?”  It’s a great question. The coaching industry is vast; it’s worth billions of dollars and can cover everything from health and […]

Oct 08

Do YOU Think YOUR Beliefs Can Change? Read To Find Out!

Beliefs are deeply ingrained within us. They shape our perspectives, decisions, and actions. But can we change our beliefs? This question has intrigued philosophers, psychologists, and scientists for centuries. In this newsletter, we’ll explore some compelling evidence that supports the notion that belief change is indeed possible. 1. The Neuroplasticity of Belief: Neuroscience research has […]

Oct 01

How to Fail at Return to Office in 5 Easy Steps

With executives asking their employees to return to office and doing everything from giving charitable donations to warning employees, many leaders are thinking about how to solve this problem without suffering through massive resignations, protests or becoming the next headline.  The Great Return is such a big event that companies who were fully remote pre-pandemic […]

Sep 24

Do YOU Find Yourself Feeling Guilty?

Why Do I Feel So Guilty All The Time? We’ve all felt the gnawing of guilt—especially if you’re a working mom. We feel guilty at work because we’re not there enough for our kids. If we take time for our family we feel guilty about work.  8 ways guilt shows up in our lives: Self […]

Sep 17

The Secret to Goal Setting

Earlier this week, I talked about the importance of having both long and short term goals on any goal getting journey. The reality for many of the athletes I work with, myself included, is that long term goals are the only ones we actually set and track. The reason for this isn’t because there isn’t […]

Sep 10

Using Mindset to Get Past Fear

  Fear. It’s a tough topic, but an important one, because it has a way of sneaking in and impacting our decisions if we don’t pay attention to it. As someone who recently left a 25+ year corporate career to become an entrepreneur, I often think about fear and its impacts on mindset, quality of […]

Sep 03

7 Tips For Maintaining Your Sanity As A Working Parent

Today, let’s talk about something incredibly important: supporting ourselves mentally while juggling the beautiful chaos of being a working parent! Being a parent is a superpower, but it’s essential to remember that taking care of our mental well-being is equally important. Here are some tips to help you stay mentally strong and rock your parenting […]

Aug 27

I See You

I see you.  I see you working so hard; expending all of your time, energy and resources to try and hit the goals everyone is demanding from you.  I see all of you leaders who are being asked to lay people off, cut budgets and sacrifice your needs but yet, the demands have only gone […]

Aug 20

Five Steps To Get Into Flow State

There’s a lot we can do with our environment, intentions and mindset to promote conditions that lead to flow.Flow state meaning was first introduced by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in the 1970s. It involved a mental state where we are immersed in a feeling of energized focus and in the process we lose sense of space […]

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