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Online Leadership Courses

Leadership Launchpad

Course Length: 12-Week Online Training Program

The Leadership Launchpad is about building high-impact leaders who turn their teams into happy high performers that achieve their goals.  Rather than traditional coaching, we blend neuroscience, mindset coaching, high-performance leadership strategies with cutting-edge technology & data to provide a clear path to building a high-performing team – or to turn around an underperforming team.

The Problem Statement
  • Your organization is falling behind and your business results are stagnant.
  • You find yourself investing all your time, energy, and attention into your career, but you’re still not getting the results you deserve.
  • The levels of productivity, motivation, and morale in the workplace are leaving you or your staff feeling frustrated, burnt out, or overwhelmed.
  • The organization has low levels of employee engagement, high levels of absenteeism, and turnover.
The Benefit Statement

Leaders utilizing our mindset and leadership 2.0 programs are experiencing:

  • 50% Increase in Productivity
  • 40% Less Burnout
  • 76% Higher Employee Engagement
  • 41% Less Absenteeism
  • 59% Less Turnover
  • 21% Higher Profitability
What to Expect
  • Improved Performance with One-on-One coaching sessions
  • Gain Clarity & Alignment with your Vision
  • Increase Energy & Reduce Burnout
  • Improve Happiness & Fulfillment
  • Increase Your Team’s Engagement
  • Build Trust & Improve Relationships
  • Accelerate Personal & Professional Growth
  • Improve Focus & Productivity

Transformational Leader

Course Length: 12 weeks of on-demand modules

The Transformational Leader Program is designed to uplevel leaders with cutting edge psychology and neuroscience so they can reach their professional & personal goals.

This ground-breaking program combines the powerful approach to one’s experience of the internal and external worlds of Internal Family Systems Therapy with High-Performance Mindset Coaching and optional retreat. These powerful methodologies will allow you to step into 2.0 Leadership and make an impact on the world.

The Problem Statement
  • Feeling like you have hit a wall and are unable to identify what is holding you back
  • You feel like you are stagnant in your career and life
  • You are greatly affected by the external environment and base your success off uncontrollable parts
  • You’ve tried other mindset strategies but you still aren’t able to change
Would it be crazy if…
  • You could finally change the old patterns that keep you stuck?
  • You could unlock the inspirational leader inside you?
  • You could take your career to the next level?
  • You could connect with other inspirational leaders and impact the world?
What to Expect
  • Breakthrough strategies to unlock your highest potential as a leader
  • Strategies to implement high-performance leadership habits
  • Architecting the inspirational leader inside you
    Creating a fulfilling life both professionally & personally

Legacy Leadership 2.0

Course Length: 12-month program

Looking to take your leadership skills to the next level and make a real impact on the world? Look no further than Legacy Leadership 2.0. This 12-month program offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with other Leadership 2.0 Ambassadors and change the way leadership is practiced in life and business. If you’re passionate about human-centric, heart-centric leadership and ready to step up and lead the charge into the future, this program is for you. You’ll learn new strategies, create your own playbook, and develop the skills needed to positively impact others and shape the collective consciousness. Join us and make Leadership 2.0 a part of your legacy today.

This program is for you if...
  • You believe that heart-centric, human-centric leadership is the only way forward
  • Are ready to step up and out in the world and play your biggest impact game.
  • Are ready to step into your legacy shoes and make every leadership touchpoint count towards your powerful, positive ripple effect in this world.
  • Are ready to take a stand and help lead the charge into the future of leadership.
  • Are ready to help shape the collective consciousness.
  • Are passionate about human-centric leadership.
  • Envision a world where we all support one another in playing our biggest impact game.
  • Are ready to make leadership 2.0 a part of your legacy.
  • Are ready to change history shoulder to shoulder with fellow Leadership 2.0 Ambassadors


Our program will help you...
  • Make this part of your life’s greatest acts of service, contributions or meaningful impacts.
  • See the opportunity to make leadership practices in life and business more humane, sustainable, empowering and psychologically safe.
  • Experience a sense of fulfillment when you positively impact others.
  • Learn how to practice leadership 2.0 in your business and your life.
  • Teach others how to lead in a more human-centric, heart-centric way.
  • Collaborate, innovate, and curate your very own leadership 2.0 playbook full of the latest and greatest leadership 2.0 strategies.
  • Create the ripple effect of Leadership 2.0 in your organization.

The Locker Room

Course Length: 12-Week Online Training Program

The Locker Room is designed to create and foster true diversity & inclusion like athletes have in the best locker rooms.  We believe that diversity & inclusion starts with a strong foundation of self and that, if we see the gifts within ourselves, we can see the gifts within others; regardless of how different they are from us.  We are not your typical blame and shame diversity program.

Diversity & Inclusion impacts:
  • Gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform their peers and ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to do the same. [McKinsey]
  • Inclusive teams make better decisions up to 87% of the time [Forbes]
    Teams that follow an inclusive process make decisions 2x faster with half of the meetings [Forbes]
  • Decisions made and executed by diverse teams delivered 60% better results. [Forbes]
  • Higher representation of women in C-suite level positions results in 34% greater returns to shareholders. [Fast Company]
Course Outline
  • The Power of Self Awareness – Mindset Brain Training
  • Diversity
  • Foundation of Self-Worth
  • Inclusion & Relationship Skills
  • Psychological Safety
  • Communication
  • Your Diversity & Inclusion Roadmap to Success
Course Elements
  • Twelve (12) Weeks of Diversity, Inclusion & Mindset Modules with Online Video, Audio & Written Content
  • Twelve (12) Weeks of Exercises to Implement Diversity, Inclusion & Mindset
  • Weekly Accountability Partners
  • 12 1 Hour Group Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • One (1) 1.5 Hour Private (1 on 1) Deep Dive Assessment & Roadmap to Success
  • Two (2) 1 Hour Private (1 on 1) Diversity, Inclusion & Mindset Coaching Sessions
  • Private WhatsApp and/or LinkedIn Group for Discussion & Sharing

Conflict Management

Course Length: 6-Week Online Training Program

Managing conflict, negotiation, giving feedback and managing various personalities are key aspects to being a successful leader and creating a high functioning team. We strive to give leaders the technical background and a low-risk space to practice applying empathy, emotional intelligence and 2.0 leadership in difficult conversations.

Course Outline
  • Managing Hard Conversations Effectively (3 Weeks)
  • Giving Constructive Feedback (1 Week)
  • Applying Emotional Intelligence in Conflict Management (1 Week)
  • Negotiation (1 Week)
Course Elements
  • Six (6) Weeks of On-Demand Modules with Online Video, Audio & Written Material, Approximately 1 Hour per Week – Total 6 Hours
  • Six (6) Weeks of Conflict Management Exercises
  • Six (6) 1 Hour Live Group Leadership Coaching Sessions (Max 10 Participants per Group Coaching Session) – Total 12 Hours
    • Two Group Sessions Each Week with 10 Participants Each
    • Group Sessions are Recorded and Posted for Participants
  • Three (3) Private One-on-One High-Performance Coaching Sessions, 60 Minutes Each – Total 60 Hours
  • Homework Video Review and Personalized Feedback – Total 160 Hours
  • Support from 2 High-Performance Leadership Coaches & a Program Concierge
  • Weekly Accountability Partners
  • Additional Resources including Articles, Podcasts, Books & Videos Sent to Participants
  • Additional Private Coaching As Needed to Support Participants

Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) Leader 2.0

Course Length: 12-Week Online Training Program

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 2.0 program focuses on applying emotional intelligence leadership 2.0 and high-performance mindset strategies to teams within organizations.

Course Outline

High Performance Mindset 2.0 Strategies

  • Sustaining High Performance in High Pressure Environments
  • Confidence Building for Maximum Growth & Impact
  • Resiliency – The Pillar of Long Term Success
  • Goal Alignment for High Performers to Achieve Business Success

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

  • Self Awareness 2.0
  • Taking Empathy into the Workplace

Communicating with Emotional Intelligence

  • Mastering Non-Verbal Communication
  • Listening for Greater Understanding
  • Confidence in Rumbling

Leading a High Performance Team

  • Engaging & Aligning Teams
  • Leading Others for Performance
  • Building a Sustainable, High-Performing Teams
  • Effective Facilitation
Course Elements
  • Twelve (12) Weeks of On-Demand Modules with Online Video, Audio & Written Material
  • Twelve (12) Weeks of EQ Leadership Mindset Exercises for Personal, Team & Organizational Application
  • Twelve (12) 1 Hour Live Group Leadership Coaching Sessions (Max 10 Participants per Group Coaching Session)
  • Four (4) 1 Hour Private (1 on 1) High Impact Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Accountability Partners
  • Private LinkedIn Group

Braking Burnout

Course Length: 6-Week Online Training Program 

The braking burnout program builds sustainable high-performance mindset strategies within employees so that they can course-correct on their mission towards being a high-impact, highly sustainable high-performance team.

Our braking burnout course helps organizations and its employees transition from struggling high-achievers to happy high-performers who achieve their goals.

Course Outline
  • Decreased turnover, absenteeism & disability claims
  • Improved company reputation
  • Higher profits
  • Increased employee engagement & enhanced overall employee experience
  • Greater talent retention & optimization
  • Greater overall organization performance & sustainability
Based on science-backed mindset
  • Understand What Burnout Is
  • Learn How to Effectively Measure the Signs & Symptoms of Burnout
  • Gain Clarity & Empowerment Regarding Your Own Energy
  • Develop Mindset Strategies for Effectively Navigating Stress Cycles
  • Create a Personalized Toolbox for Proactively Addressing Signs & Symptoms of Burnout
Course Elements
  • Weekly, On-Demand Learning Modules that participants can access asynchronously according to their personal schedules.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls in the locker room to discuss the learning material and provide accountability for routine practice and application of the exercises included in the modules.
  • A custom-built high-performance mindset toolbox full of performance-enhancing strategies.
  • Additional support from Coach Susan on the sidelines.

Psychological Safety Assessments

Assess your team’s psychological safety, open the dialogue with team members and get high-performance leadership coaching to improve your team’s psychological safety & performance in the workplace.

What is Psychological Safety?

A belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, feelings, concerns or mistakes

Dangers of Low Psychological Safety
  • Dangerous silence – People who are aware of the risks of a situation, do not dare to speak up for fear of being called out or punished for it.
  • Avoidable failure – People are more focused on avoiding failure than getting the most out of work. People tend to make more mistakes that could have been avoided if psychological safety levels would have been high.
Fearless Organization Assessment Outline
  • Inclusion and Diversity – When team members feel included, they are more inclined to speak up, contribute and add to the group.
  • Willingness to Help – Teams become unsafe when people are not able to help each other or feel appreciated by team members.
  • Attitude to Risk and Failure – Teams that hold mistakes against each other risk a lack of control and forward momentum.
  • Open Conversation – A team that has open and candid conversations is able to tackle hard problems better.

High-Performance Executive

Course Length: 8-Week Online Training Program

The Elite High-Performance Executive Program is designed for executives to quickly hit their next level of personal & team performance. It’s specifically designed for leaders to implement and gain traction towards their goals. Rather than traditional leadership coaching, the Elite High-Performance 2.0 Executive Program blends neuroscience, mindset coaching, high-performance leadership strategies with cutting-edge technology & data to provide a clear path to building a high-performing team – or to turn around an under-performing team.

The Benefits

MiQ, an Elite High Performance client, had the following benefits from 2021 to 2022 with their executive leadership development.

  • 35% YOY Revenue Increase
  • 52% Reduction in Employee Turnover
  • 2% Increase in Employee Engagement
  • 23% Increase in Employee Accountability to Hit Company Goals
  • 21% Increase in Executive Effectiveness in Allocating Resources towards Company Goals
Course Outline
  • Thriving Through Disruption
  • Creating a High-Performance Culture
  • Attracting & Retaining Top Talent
  • High-Performance Mindset Strategies
  • Creating a Legacy
Course Elements
  • Eight (8) Weeks of On-Demand Modules with Online Video, Audio & Written Material, Approximately 1 Hour per Week
  • Eight (8) Weeks of High Impact Leadership Exercises
  • Eight (8) 1 Hour Intimate Group Leadership Coaching Sessions (Max 6 Executives per Group Coaching Session)
  • One (1) Personal Deep Dive Assessment with Leadership Roadmap to Success, 90 minutes Each
  • Six (6) Private 1on1 High-Performance Leadership Coaching Sessions, 60 minutes each
  • Predictive Index Psychometric Assessment Each
  • Two (2) Executive Effectiveness Assessments for Each Executive
  • Personal Leadership Development Plan Report
    • Includes Recommended Exercises to Maximize Growth, Integrate Learnings & Apply Leadership 2.0 Strategies
    • Includes Recommended Activities for Further Leadership Development
  • Support from 2 High-Performance Leadership Coaches & Program Concierge
  • Weekly Accountability Partners
  • Additional Private Coaching As Needed

Online High Performance Courses

High Performance Society

Course Length: 12-month course

The High Performance Society is a 12-month mastermind program that offers high performance coaching, peer accountability, and support in a group setting. Join if you struggle with motivation, accountability, and support, battle self-doubt and fear of failure, and lack a supportive network. This program will help you master emotional intelligence, build resilience, integrate work and personal life, and develop high-performance habits. Achieve success and set powerful goals with the support of a carefully curated group of individuals.

This program is for you if...
  • You struggle to achieve your desired level of success due to lack of motivation, accountability, and support.
  • You battle feelings of imposter syndrome, inadequacy and self-doubt causing you to self-sabotage your performance.
  • You have a fear of failure and low self-esteem.
  • You struggle to set and achieve goals, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Are without a supportive network of individuals, and lack the necessary resources and guidance to reach your full potential.
Our program will help you...
  • Master the skill of emotional intelligence and improve your adversity quotient so that you build resilience and grow from adversity and challenges when they come your way.
  • Pave a path to more passion, purpose and fulfillment while gaining the courage and accountability required so that you can continue to expand your comfort zone even further.
  • Learn how to integrate your work and personal life, so that you can play a bigger impact game while living in flow and having more fun.
  • Develop the high performance habits you need to continue leveling up in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and business.

The Launchpad
(Women’s Empowerment)

Course Length: 12-Week Online Course

The Launchpad helps women transform their lives, so they break through their biggest mental blocks and achieve the confidence, clarity, and courage to make extraordinary shifts in their lives and careers.

The Problem Statement
  • Feeling powerless in your life and work
  • Feelings of being drained, overworked, and burnt out
  • Constantly feeling like you are never good enough
  • You often downplay your own success
  • You are plagued by self-doubt in your own abilities in life and work
  • You are fearful of not meeting expectations of others or yourself
  • You are feeling stuck and are up against the glass ceiling in your growth
  • You feel alone and are lacking the guidance, support and accountability that will get you to the next level
The Benefit Statement
  • Teach you sustainable growth strategies to prevent burnout
  • Teach you sustainable growth strategies to prevent burnout
  • Give you the tools necessary to grow your self-confidence
  • Encourage you to take pride in your skills and achievements
  • Help you build internal measures of success and expectations
  • Provide you with a network of strong women to support you in your growth journey
  • Allow you to shatter the glass ceiling and unleash your power
What to Expect
  • Accelerate your growth personally and professionally
  • Increased awareness and confidence
  • Create more time in your everyday life
  • Be apart of a community of strong and empowered women
  • Tools and resources you can apply to all areas of life
    Strategies for building and maintaining fulfillment

Aspiring Leaders

Designed to help you identify your strengths, ignite your confidence, and prepare you for your leadership journey.

Are you looking to become a confident and impactful leader? The Aspiring Leaders program is here to help you establish a concrete foundation and ignite your leadership vision. Whether you’re transitioning from university to the workplace or stepping into a leadership role for the first time, this program will help you master the foundations of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. You’ll learn how to combat imposter syndrome, make decisions in alignment with your leadership vision, and ignite your confidence to lead in all areas of life. Plus, you’ll have a network of like-minded individuals to support you in your growth journey. Don’t wait to step into your leadership potential – enroll in Aspiring Leaders today!

This program is for you if...
  • You are transitioning from university to the workplace or stepping into a leadership role for the first time.
  • You’ve been in a leadership role but still battle feelings of self-doubt.
  • You constantly doubt your ability to lead your team.
  • You compare your weaknesses to other peoples strengths.
  • Your confidence is driven and dependent on external validation and acknowledgement.
  • You constantly sacrifice your own needs for the needs of others.
  • You care about the impact that you have in your team and in the world.
  • You know you are meant for more but struggle to elevate to your performance potential.
Our program will...
  • Help you understand and define leadership for yourself. 
  • Help you master the foundations of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Show you how to strategically grow your network.
  • Empower you to make decisions that are in alignment with your leadership vision. 
  • Teach you how to combat against imposter syndrome.
  • Provide you with tools that will ignite your confidence to lead in all areas of life.
  • Inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and accelerate your rate of growth so you can play your biggest impact game.
  • Provide you with a network to support you in your growth journey.
  • Allow you to shatter the glass ceiling on your growth and step into your leadership vision.

High Performance Accelerated

Course Length: 12-month online course

The High-Performance Society is a 12-month high level Mastermind program designed especially for High-Performers who are ready to step up, and step out of their comfort zones so that they can play a bigger impact game in the world. This accelerated program features monthly Mastermind forums, as well as monthly Masterclasses designed to help you architect the mindset strategies that help you meet your 2.0 level growth needs, so that you can realize your highest potential and experience max levels of fulfilment, passion, courage and empowerment.

VIP Mastermind Format
  • Deep Dive Assessment & Roadmap to Success session in January with Coach Liane
  • Kick off call with your teammate and coach Liane
  • Bi-weekly group Mastermind and Masterclass sessions
  • Summer retreat at The Carillon Luxury Executive
  • End of year 1on1 coaching session with Coach Liane to capitalize on all the growth gains made in the program
Course Includes
  • Entrance Into A Behind the Gates Community Page
  • High-Level Network
  • Monthly Accountability Partners & Growth Teammates
  • Live Zoom Calls
  • 25% Off 1-On-1 High Performance Coaching Sessions with Coach Liane
  • Exclusive Access
  • Virtual Platform
  • Continuous Access
Course Bonuses
  • The Launchpad- The 1.0 of ‘The Elite Process’
  • Deep Dive Assessment & Roadmapping Session with Coach Liane
  • High-Performance Society Swag

Online Athlete Courses

Brain Training for Athletes

Course Length: 

If you want to go PRO, you need to start thinking like a professional athlete does. That begins here in The Mental Gym. It is everything you need to know about mental training for peak performance. It is an online program – that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The Problem Statement
  • You’re an athlete who’s tired of working your butt off in practice and in the weight room, but are frustrated with your consistency and aren’t developing as fast as you like.
  • You find yourself getting hung up on mistakes, coaching decisions or choking under pressure. You’re looking for a way to build and sustain high levels of motivation so that you can be in the zone when it matters most.
  • You’re a coach/parent who’s tired of seeing your athlete(s) fall short of their potential because they lack the confidence or mental toughness they need. You’re looking for a proven process they can use to break out of their limitations and master the mental game.
  • You’re an athlete who refuses to accept being average, and are looking for that competitive edge that will help you become elite.
The Benefit Statement
  • Gain support and assistance for your athletic journey
  • Customized science based strategies and techniques that you can apply in or out of season
  • Breakthrough any roadblocks
  • Maintain and create high levels of motivation and confidence and activate your peak performance potential
What to Expect
  • Tools for reaching and maintaining a state of flow in your sport
  • High levels of performance
  • Strategic ways to set and reach goals
  • Sustained motivation and confidence
  • Consistency throughout your season and off season
  • Mental preparation tools that ensure you will perform at your best
  • Mastering your mindset
  • Tracking and measuring your performance
  • Recovering from poor performance

Brain Training for Teams

Course Length: 

This program is an extension of Brain Training for Athletes, and is meant to bring the whole team into the mental gym! Brain Training for Athletes Teams is a mental training program designed to help sports teams improve their performance and work together to reach their full potential. The program focuses on equipping athletes with the mental skills necessary to succeed in their sport, including focus, motivation, resilience, and teamwork.

The Problem Statement

Many athletes and sports teams struggle with mental barriers that prevent them from performing at their best. These barriers include:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Difficulty handling pressure
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of mental focus

These challenges can lead to decreased performance, frustration, and low team morale.

The Benefit Statement

By participating in Brain Training for Athletes Teams, athletes and teams can learn valuable mental skills that will help them overcome their challenges and reach their full potential together. They will learn how to stay focused under pressure, build confidence, communicate effectively, and work together as a cohesive unit. These skills will not only improve their performance on the field, court, or ice, but also have practical applications in their personal and professional lives.

What to Expect

The Brain Training for Athletes Teams program is a comprehensive mental training program that includes interactive modules, practical exercises, and personalized coaching for your team. Participants will work with experienced coaches to develop their mental skills and overcome the barriers that stand in the way of the team’s success. The program is designed to be both challenging and rewarding, and athletes can expect to see improvements in their performance and team dynamics as they progress through the program.

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