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Feb 21

Key Factors in Employee Empowerment

“Delegation is not about getting rid of tasks; it’s about empowering others to help you achieve your goals.” – Laura Stack A critical skill in leadership is learning how to delegate; leaders can’t possibly do it all themselves and will quickly burn out if they believe they have to. That said, how many of you […]

Feb 14

What I Learned About Coaching from Arenal Volcano

Last week, I visited Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. I took both of these pictures; from the same spot (see the side of the house) within 15 hours of each other. These 2 pictures taught me a valuable lesson about how a coach is valuable. When clients walk through my proverbial door, things are never […]

Feb 07

The Journey Of Self Discovery For Women Over 40

Women in their 40s enter a life stage that leaves no choice but to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Perimenopause—the decade or more that leads up to menopause—has been described as a “zone of chaos” due to the hormonal changes we can experience. Along with physical changes—a shift in identity occurs that impacts our […]

Jan 31

How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure?

We all experience pressure at different points in our lives. It may be the pressure you feel when you’re presenting something in front of a group of people, whom you really want to impress. Pressure could be the feeling of wanting to play your best knowing that you need to in order to get back […]

Jan 25

The Power of Community

One of my favorite non-fiction books is Atomic Habits, by James Clear. His clear, to-the-point writing and illustrations elicit new insights for me both personally and as a coach each time I read it. One such insight is around how much we are impacted by the people around us. He says “One of the most […]

Jan 17

Celebrate the Small Wins. They Matter More Than You Think, and Here’s Why

Lofty goals are valuable. They create purpose, provide a destination, and inspire us to achieve. However, it is equally important to celebrate the small wins we experience along the way in the pursuit of these goals. Small wins matter. They are tangible actions that indicate progress. They demonstrate that you’re on the right path and […]

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