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Happy Monday,

I can hardly believe that Christmas is here already. Where did 2015 go?…As a special Christmas gift to you, I have an exciting announcement in this week’s ‘MoMonday Video: Merry Christmas’ (click here to watch).

I am no different than any of my high-performance clients-they are all saying this very same thing to me over the past week’s sessions. “I can’t believe the year has passed already.” “Where did the time go?”

When you are a high-octane, high-achieving go-getter, you get more done in a day than most average people get done in a week. Living and working at this pace, it becomes easy and almost necessary to run on autopilot mode, which can be dangerous for your high-performance results.

An important part of getting to the next level and achieving your goals is nurturing your confidence. I always tell my clients that confidence is like any muscle in your body-it needs intentional and consistent exercise to get strong and stay strong.

It is easy to forget about this uber-important performance-enhancing strategy when running at full speed ahead on autopilot. That is why I love to do this week’s MoMonday exercise (click here to watch) at the end of each calendar year.

At the end of any performance-a game, a big presentation, or this calendar year-you should always reflect back and intentionally connect with all the victories.

Comb through the performance and ask yourself:

-where did I succeed and why?

-what did I do to create these victories?

-what obstacles did I overcome?

-where did I push and challenge myself to grow?

-how did it feel when I accomplished that victory?

Doing this kind of work is an extremely strategic investment in building your confidence. Connecting with each victory is like creating a building block for confidence in your psychology.

What better time of year to gather as much confidence as you can before heading into January ’01st, 2016? When setting those New Year’s Resolutions, your brain will ask itself “am I going to be able to achieve theses goals?” Stacked with all the proof from this year’s victories, the natural response will be “hell ya!”

Merry Christmas my high-performance friend. And remember…

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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