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Happy Thanksgiving,

Oh how I love holidays-especially those that make us stop and take stock. What better way to stop and take stock than to have an entire day devoted to practicing the attitude of gratitude.

For those of you who follow my work, you know that I often speak about the power of gratitude. It is quite simply, the quickest route to happiness.

Let me explain…

In church yesterday, the minister was speaking about the power of gratitude. She spoke about how our society falls victim to the mad idea that happiness comes from a lack mentality.

Again, let me explain…

Most people fall victim to the very limiting belief that happiness is achieved outside of ourselves: in the car, the clothes, the house, the job, the paycheque….I call this “happiness when syndrome”.

When you come from a lack mentality (“I don’t have enough right now and therefore can’t be happy until I do”), you constantly put off happiness until tomorrow. “I’ll be happy when…I lose weight, I get that big promotion, I get married”, you cut off from the happiness well that awaits you within-anywhere and anytime.

Happiness comes from connecting with what already is. It is the state that results from practicing the attitude of gratitude. When you appreciate what you already have and all the abundance in your life, your brain automatically enters into a happy state. In other words, it is literally impossible to practice the attitude of gratitude and not feel immediately happy.

In today’s special Thanksgiving addition of “MoMonday: Happy Thanksgiving (click here to watch)”, I show you what I did today to activate my attitude of gratitude.

Entering into an abundant and happy state is an extremely high-performance strategy-it quite literally attracts more happiness and abundance into your life like a magnet.

Not only that, but practicing the attitude of gratitude puts your brain into an extremely resourceful state-helping you solve problems quicker and make better connections.

While it is important to stop and give thanks today, on Thanksgiving Day, I urge you all to continue to practice giving thanks in the days and weeks to come-It is an extremely performance-enhancing habit that will continue to support you in achieving your high-performance goals.

Happy Thanksgiving my high-performance friend and I thank-you for continuing to tune into these weekly motivational videos-doing so makes me feel extremely grateful and abundant 🙂

Until next time, make every performance count!

-Coach Susan

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