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To tag on to what Coach MJ shared with you on Tuesday morning, how we feel emotionally drives our decision-making process (if you haven’t read that then go back and give that a read). This is SO important when we are trying to stay on track with those New Years resolutions.

If you want to successfully implement change into your life to achieve your goals, you must create a deep, internal connection to the outcome. Doing this helps sustain your motivation to keep putting in the work. Whether you want to regularly get into the gym, practice daily meditation, or lose a certain amount of weight, it is important to solidify your connection to that particular habit.

Part of how we do this is by practicing emotional self-awareness before, during, and after these activities. Recognizing that this new habit makes you feel great and sets up your day for success creates a deeper connection to the activity itself and makes it easier to perform over a long period of time (i.e., it won’t feel like a chore)

This way, when you find yourself feeling sluggish, lazy, or tired, you are able to reconnect with that outcome feeling and drop into that high-energy emotional state to find the motivation within yourself to complete the activity and remain accountable to your habits and goals.

Next time you are performing a new activity, check in with your emotions

  • How do I feel before starting this activity?
  • How do I feel during this activity?
  • How do I feel after this activity?

– Coach Taylor

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