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It’s no secret here at team Elite that we value sustainability – playing your biggest impact game as a true High-Performer requires it. 

That’s the key distinction between the mindset of a High-Achiever and that of a High-Performer. 

High-Achievers are all about instant results, the short-term sprint, all-or-nothing intensity, the requisite hustle, and the grind that will gain them the external validation from their achievements. 

Whereas the High-Performer values sustainable growth – driven by the intrinsic validation of the long-term vision and purpose behind their mission, their sustainability is simply requisite and non-negotiable. 

So how does a High-Performer tend to this requisite need for the sustainability of their energy and resources? 

Here are some of the HP’ers fave quick hacks:

-they are the gatekeepers of their bandwidth: their boundaries are strong, they only engage their time, energy, and focus where it aligns with their standards of excellence 

-they invest in their self-care on a daily: meditation, journaling, exercise, breathwork, and cold therapy are some of the HP’ers daily non-negotiables

-they practice mindfulness: they stay in tune with their state, calibrating when they need to pull over and crack the hood and manage something in their mindset 

-they practice self-compassion: they forgive themselves for the mistakes they make because they know the most important relationship is the one they’re in with themselves, so they show up in that relationship no different than they do for those they love the most 

-they cultivate clarity: they know who they are, why they are here and who or what they are here to serve, and therefore are disciplined to stay accountable and in alignment with that at all times 

Burnout is not an option for the true High-Performer – they know getting sidelined on their purpose-driven missions is simply not an option. 

How sustainable are you feeling on your mission? This week, it’s mental health week, so what a great time to have this collective conversation on the importance of sustainability practices. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to sustain their mental health, please reach out to us here at Team Elite. We’ve got a collective of mindset coaches who are eager and ready to share their sustainability strategies with you. 

Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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