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Sep 10

What is the Flow State?

I asked two fellow athletes what they believed “flow state” was. The first said flow state was a state “where I can do anything”. The second athlete said that flow was a state for “natural peak performance”. As a performance coach, I loved seeing that both of these answers identify the two key points of […]

Sep 07

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

I love to ask really deep, provoking questions. As someone who’s hosted over 200 podcasts and as a high-performance leadership coach, I love the power of a great question. It challenges people to think more deeply than they might have otherwise and it can give you tremendous insight into a seemingly passing statement. Asking great questions […]

Sep 02

How do we seek fulfillment when we’re consistently reaching for more?

This is a question I struggled with A LOT as an elite athlete. How could I ever feel fulfilled or satisfied with my play when I knew that I could always be better?  It’s an extremely important balance to achieve at the highest levels of competition; between wanting more and knowing when you’ve truly done […]

Sep 01

Why Feeling Like An Imposter Blocks Us From Fulfillment

When it comes to fulfillment so many of us are blocked because our underlying imposter mindset hinders us from having the life we want and imagine for ourselves. When you have an imposter mindset you go through life with a negative impression of yourself so you are reluctant to claim your kudos. You might stall […]

Aug 30

How to create a Dream Team

If you watch sports, you’ll know that playing the right players, in the right positions with the right skills and with the right mindsets is the key to building a dream team. Just like we don’t ask Tom Brady to play defensive line, Wayne Gretzky to play goalie, or Shaq to play point guard, we […]

Aug 26

The Art of the Quick Pivot

Pivots in hockey are designed to help the player make a quick change in direction. The same goes for pivoting in life. We move in various directions following passions, dreams, leaders, or careers, and sometimes, we devote a lot of our time, resources, and energy moving in those directions. It can also feel like once […]

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