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The flow state is where you want to be to reach peak performance.

What is required to reach this state is trusting our level of skill to be able to navigate the task ahead and any challenges that come up. 

There are many challenges that might come up during COVID-19. For example, you may have technical issues or difficulty getting traction on your content, but you must maintain the mindset that you can overcome these challenges. 

It is also extremely important to remember that if your goal is too far past our level of skill or natural ability, it will lead to too much arousal, anxiety, self-doubt, and fear and will stop from you being creative. Remember to choose goals that are just a bit out of your comfort zone and build on them as you go. 

The result is that we do our best, progress the most, and max out our Rate of Growth (ROG).

There will be more on this topic tomorrow so stay tuned.

-Coach Susan


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