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When to Quit Your Job
Advice from a high performance coach.
John Spence
(Article for: The DialyXY)

You’re stressed. You’ve gained weight. Your head is pounding. That stabbing pain in the pit of your stomach can’t be an ulcer, can it?

Work is killing you. But is it time to quit?

Susan Hobson, founder of Elite High Performance Coaching, tells us what she’s learned from helping guys who’ve hit a career wall. A Princeton graduate and former competitor on the National Women’s Hockey League’s first-place team, Susan says that the short-term unhappiness from quitting is worth it for sustained success and fulfilment.

The reason so many guys feel chained to a job about which they aren’t passionate or, indeed, even despise, is security – the security and safety that comes from a pay cheque.

The thing is: your job isn’t safe. The economy ain’t what it used to be, and there are billions who’d kill for your cubicle. Since you’re probably going to get fired from a job you hate, might as well start trying to find one you like.

“The most successful people in the world,” Hobson says, “are the happiest, the most passionate and the most fulfilled.”

You don’t need high performance coaching to recognize when you’re unfulfilled. Awareness comes before intelligence, and acknowledging your unhappiness is a crucial first step on a path to your true calling.

It may seem obvious, but the key is combining what you love and what you’re great at. This leads to success not only in your career, but also in relationships and, of course, health.

Hobson points to a guy like Tiger Woods who has leveraged his talent and passion for golf into a billion-dollar empire. Though his stock has fallen in recent years, we can still learn a lot from Tiger: Love your career, be successful.

And as long as your passion for work doesn’t lead to a passion for extra-marital concubines, your relationships and health should be all right, too. Because the only thing more deadly than a crappy job is an irate spouse with a seven iron.

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