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Career setbacks can be challenging but are not unexpected. Most of us will go through it at least once in the course of our career. If you’ve got a high achiever mindset you may have a hard time getting over the frustration, anger and confusion that come along with a setback. High achievers view it as a threat to their ability to achieve their goals. This results in a chain reaction of negative thinking that will convince you to disengage if the setback is substantial enough. In this mindset you may be tempted to blame others or dodge the facts of what happened. A high performer will see a professional setback as an opportunity to learn, grow and become stronger on the other side. In this mindset you can reflect on what went wrong, how you can learn from the experience and apply those lessons in the future. A high performer has wired their brain with the principals of a growth mindset so they can look at challenges, obstacles and difficult situations as stepping stones on the path leading them forward.

Liane Wansbrough | High-Performance Coach 

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