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In the State of the Global Workplace report, Gallup reported record highs of employee engagement.  Executives are rejoicing because higher engagement means higher profitability, productivity and earnings per share (among many other benefits).

Since 70% of the variance in employee engagement is due to the direct manager, that means leaders are doing a great job.  


Not so fast. 

I forgot to mention that the record high is ONLY 23%.  

That means just over 1 in 5 people is engaged in their role.

Even worse than that, active disengagement (also called loud quitting) hit all time highs at 18%.  Actively disengaged employees work against corporate goals and bring the rest of their teams down.  This means that just less than 1 in 5 people is working against their goals.

What about the other 59%?

Well, they are just disengaged or quiet quitting.  They are doing the minimum to keep their jobs and stay out of trouble.

In total, disengagement, or in other words poor leadership, costs the global economy $8.8 trillion each year.

So, what do leaders need to do about it?

Leaders need to transition into coaches, they need to care about their employees, develop their people’s strengths, give them on-going development & feedback, and help people connect their jobs to their purpose.

None of these great leadership behaviors are rocket science, they can be learned.  As with any behavior change, it takes a change in your mindset, time and effort but it’s possible.  And these behaviors will engage your team, improve team performance and make everyone happier and healthier.

It’ll also set you apart from the rest.

Ready to set yourself apart from the rest?  We, at Elite High Performance, specialize in building engaging leaders who turn their teams into happy high-performers who crush their goals.  Our leadership development is research and neuroscience backed which is why it delivers for our clients.  Check out for more or send me an email to to talk about how we can support you in becoming a great leader.

Rob Kalwarowsky | Leadership & High-Performance Coach 

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