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All moms can relate to the pressure to get things done. Many of us had moms who modeled “doing” over “being” so we get caught up in the same habits and not necessarily being able to see that we have another choice.

That was certainly true for me. I lacked key mindset mom skills, especially in the years when my kids were young. I was overwhelmed by expectations for what things should look like, my role in creating that and doing all I could to make it happen.

I didn’t know how to shift my mindset to make higher quality choices so I could enjoy being over doing. I couldn’t just let things go.

It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset away from having everything perfectly organized or accomplishing a long to-do list that I could make different choices towards meaningful connection time.

It’s not easy to do this for ourselves when as mothers we feel those subtle and not so subtle standards of what it means to be a “perfect” mother.

That’s why a key mom skill is clarity around our values as mothers. If you identify what matters to you and your family then this can serve as the foundation for the mindset shift around how you allocate your time and energy.

The other way we can create this mindset shift is through self-awareness. Notice when you find yourself caught up in the “doing” mentality. I still work with this raised level of awareness because it’s easy for me to default back into my doing ways. When we consciously align our actions with our true values, we can feel more fulfilled as mothers.

Liane Wansbrough | High-Performance Coach

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