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It’s embarrassing to admit but you act more confident than you are and that makes you feel like a fake. You think you’re not as good as how others see you. You’ve asked yourself who am I to do something like that?

That inner narrative stems from the imposter mindset and it creates an anxious emotional state that causes you to:

  1. Question your capabilities despite evidence to the contrary.
  2. Lack assertiveness about your qualifications.
  3. Hold yourself back from opportunities and watch others less qualified than you move ahead.
  4. If you advance into more responsibility, visibility, and competition you will experience a lot of struggle and stress.
  5. You will overwork to prove to yourself and others that you’re good enough and feel like you can’t make a mistake.

The solution for women who have an imposter mindset holding them back and always making them feel like they have to put their game face on and “perform” is learning to develop the mindset of a high performer. That’s the mindset that strengthens self-belief, self-trust, confidence and knowing how to work with that annoying guard at the edge of your comfort zone.

That’s possible for you. Imagine being able to navigate life and work from a strong foundation of knowing the value that you bring. Imagine less stress and more action. Imagine where strong self-belief would take you.

The imposter mindset is exhausting. I know how done you are with a mindset that’s holding you back from what you want.

That’s why Coach Taylor and I are working on a 12-week high performance coaching program specially designed to tackle the biggest mindset blocks like imposter syndrome that hold women back from their potential. We’ve got women’s empowerment in mind!

As a woman who came late to the empowerment party I can tell you this is the course I needed in my 20s and 30s.

Stay tuned for more details!

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