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We’ve got another incredible resource and ultra empowering message for you all to check out today! 

Our very own Legacy Leader, Tracey Allen of Nokia, shares this MasterClass on how she navigated rising into leadership 2.0 whilst navigating the tech industry.

In this MasterClass, Tracey shares how to crush the glass ceiling on our growth by overcoming:

  • imposter syndrome (self-doubt)
  • perfectionism (not believing you’re only as good as your latest win and anything less than perfect results means you’re a failure)
  • people-pleasing (not speaking your truth or asserting your own growth needs)

She even lays down the flight path by unpacking how she:

  • stepped into self-leadership and self-responsibility
  • learned to see herself in her sweet spot
  • got powerfully aligned with her values and remained in her integrity
  • learned to speak her truth and pursue her greatest passions

You definitely don’t want to miss this one – Tracey steps into her legacy shoes, bares her soul, her brilliance and her deep well of expertise from the top of her leadership 2.0 game.

This is one incredibly inspiring interview that I know will have one giant ripple effect through all who choose to invest the time in watching it.

Your highest potential is our passion, let’s unleash it together!


– Coach Susan

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