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Building in adversity seems like a strange concept when you’re embarking on a new journey for a number of reasons.

1. Oftentimes setting big goals is intimidating enough without adding extra stress and hardship.
2. We always hold out (at least subconsciously) for that perfect world scenario where we imagine it all going smoothly, blue skies everyday, no rough waters. But that hardly ever happens in life.

The thing about building in adversity is that it confronts a very simple problem head on: there will be difficult times, roadblocks, setbacks, etc., on your journey towards reaching any goal.

Is it intimidating to set a goal for yourself and then look for the things that could potentially get in the way of you reaching that goal? Absolutely. But what a lot of people don’t recognize is that pain and discomfort is just in the short-term while preparation pays long-term dividends.

Adversity is also normally a short-term or short-lived experience if you have the mental strength and resilience to use your resources and  persevere. Then again, that action—being able to access your resources and persevere—is greatly impacted by your preparation. If you’re not prepared to deal with a situation, the task becomes that much harder.

That’s why building in adversity can be an individual or group’s greatest asset. If you have already prepared for some of the hardest points in your journey, you’re both not surprised when they pop up but you’re also better equipped mentally to deal with them.

– Coach Lauren

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