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At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to get back into peak physical condition. At the start of every new year the energy and enthusiasm are always high – but it tends to trickle off as the days and months go on until we find ourselves making the same new years resolution as the year before.

For me, my motivation stemmed from the idea that I was going to pla another professional season after a year of rehab from major surgery. It wasn’t until around April/May when I felt like I wouldn’t end up signing to play anywhere at all and that this might be the end of my hockey career. As a result, my motivation took a steep decline.

I found myself making excuses to not get up and hit the gym like I usually would.

“I have a lot of work to get done”
“I am travelling too much”
“I don’t have enough time”

You get the picture.

Next thing I know, I hadn’t been to the gym in 3 months, started to put on weight, and for the first time in my life I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. My jeans didn’t fit, and I only felt comfortable wearing baggy clothes. This was due to the loss of my EXTERNAL motivation of continuing to play professionally.

I knew that I needed to build INTERNAL and sustainable motivation if I wanted to get back to feeling the way I liked so I took a step back, reassessed where I currently was, and set some goals for where I wanted to be in the future. Most importantly, I developed a new WHY for myself and that was to feel happier and healthier in my body.

Taking the time to create a deeper and personal reason – building the internal motivation – helped me to get back into the gym consistently – EVEN ON THE DAYS THAT I DON’T WANT TO GO.

When we operate solely on external sources of motivation, we are leaving our goals up to chance. When we operate on internal sources of motivation, we are in control of progressing towards our goals.

Not sure how to build internal motivation? Book a free consult and we can work together to make a plan for you and your success!

– Coach Taylor

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