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I’m excited to announce that we are launching our Launchpad group coaching program this September!

This is the 1.0 stage of our coaching process here at Team Elite. This is the process that helped me break through my self doubt and risk averse mindset to one that supports confidence. The impact it has had on my life is remarkable and that’s why I love the strategy behind shifting from the mindset of a high achiever to that of a high performer.


High-Achievers are all about quick results, the short term perspective, an all-or-nothing intensity and a constant undercurrent of needing to prove themselves in order to gain external validation from their achievements.A High-Performer values sustainable growth over the long term and is driven by intrinsic validation and their long term purpose and vision.


The LP program is all about what we know works best to shift high achievers to high performers. It’s packed with strategies to deconstruct the mindset roadblocks that are not serving your potential and how to replace them with the strategies of a high performer that will predictably and sustainably help you get the high impact results you want, whether it’s with your health, your career, at home with family or other relationships.

This is the formula for how to level up! 


I hope you’ll check out the program! Check out all the details here!

– Coach Liane

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