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We all know that 90% of sport is mental, yet too many athletes spend time only training their physical body. If you don’t master your mindset, you’re leaving the majority of your performance and growth up to chance.

It’s mental performance that separates good athletes from great ones, and amateur athletes from professional ones.


A big part of this issue is because many athletes either aren’t aware of the role our brains play in performance, don’t know where to start, or don’t have easy access to a mental skills coach that can help them elevate their game.



That was the case when I was a teenager putting in the hours of training to become the best goaltender I could be. It still rings true today for a lot of athletes across all sports. But mental coaching is becoming a sought-after role to be filled in many organizations.



If you are an athlete, a coach, or the parent of an athlete, then we have the perfect solution for you!



Check out our Brain Training for Athletes program.



This is a 16-week, state of the art, online program that combines individual and group coaching sessions. With customized, science-based “brain-training” strategies and tools, you will learn how to breakthrough roadblocks, maintain higher levels of motivation, and activate your peak performance potential.



For more information, contact me at or book a free consultation HERE, or listen to our podcast Inside the Athletic Mind.


– Coach Taylor

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