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Over the past week we’ve seen spectacular images of the universe from the James Webb Space Telescope.


It’s the most powerful space telescope ever built and it’s capable of looking back almost to the beginning of time. One of the best images, a picture of the Carina Nebula, shows stars being born through cosmic dust.


As I looked at the images they reminded me of how incredible it is that we are human beings experiencing our lives in this vastness.


In his book, The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer dives deeply into the theme of appreciating how the moments in front of us took 13.8 billion years to get here. When you stop to think about everything that had to happen for the moment you’re in to actually arrive—it allows us to feel deep respect for the moments in front of us.


Appreciating our moments in the way that Singer explains can help us drop into a gratitude-oriented mindset as a high performance strategy for when thoughts around scarcity pop up. This is especially helpful when we feel frustrated because the moment isn’t necessarily unfolding the way we would like it to.


I hope you’ll take some time to check out the images that have been released in the news and social media this week and use them as a springboard for feeling more appreciation in your life.
– Coach Liane

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