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“We want to feel things are done WITH us, not TO us.”


We often seek input from others, especially when faced with the task of making a complex or difficult decision.


“What do you think about…?” 


“What’s your opinion on…?”


“What would you do if…?”


We know how to ask questions, but many of us fail to clarify the type of input we’re looking for.


As a result, the person whom we’re seeking input from may assume that their response carries a different impact or level of importance than it actually does. Over time, this can create a major disconnect as actions are taken and decisions are made that don’t align with our mismatched assumptions. 


I was recently listening to a leadership podcast that discussed four types of feedback we can solicit from others, and the importance of being explicit about which one we are seeking. I found it simple yet helpful, and I think you will too:


When soliciting feedback from someone else (be it a co-worker, partner, friend, child, etc.), are you looking for a:


View (Perspective)

Voice (Recommendation)

Vote (Some decision-making authority)

Veto (Consensus)


Here’s a link to a short article in Forbes that elaborates on “The Four V’s” and how you can leverage them to ease group decision-making.


For anyone  interested in checking out the podcast episode I’m referring to, you can click here.


Thanks, and happy leading folks!

– Coach MJ

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