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Here we are more than halfway through 2022 and it’s shaping up to be the most fulfilling year I’ve had as a coach at Elite High Performance. 


I’ve gathered a lot of intel after coaching many high achieving women over the years. I’ve learned that there are many obstacles that are unique to women that get in the way of them leveling up to become high performers and leaders. I’m excited to use that experience to contribute to a bigger discussion around those obstacles with Coach MJ in a new podcast that we will be launching soon. We’re currently in the brainstorming phase. Stay tuned!


The other area where my experience shapes my outlook is my stance on the value of one-on-one coaching. The intimacy and trust of that kind of relationship provides a powerful vehicle in which to transform. However, I have also recognized over the years that not everyone is ready to invest in the time and financial commitment that one-on-one coaching requires. 


This is why Coach Taylor and I are working on a 12-week online group high-performance coaching program called The Launchpad. Coach Taylor and I will be taking a deep dive into the high performance strategies that are required to achieve great results. The course is specifically designed to bring like-minded professionals together to run alongside each other in group format. There will be online training videos and resources along with weekly Zoom group coaching calls. It will be a great opportunity to accelerate your growth and do it with a private group that has similar goals.


Right now, I would love your feedback on these initiatives. If you’re interested in high performance and leadership, what topics would you want covered in a podcast? What do you see as the biggest obstacles that you face? If you have any questions about The Launchpad group program please feel free to reach out to me. 


–  Coach Liane

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