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What’s the ROI of Leadership 2.0?  What’s the ROI of leaning into your people, building a workplace founded on trust & psychological safety and fostering an environment where people can feel belonging?


Not only is Leadership 2.0 good for people’s health, wellbeing & happiness; it’s also good for the bottom line.


I’ve given you a stat before that high-trust companies outperform their peers 2-3% per year in stock returns over a 26 year period.  I’ve given you a stat before that when individuals experience the impact of their work, they are 142% more productive and revenue increases by 172%.  


That’s the research and now I can give you a real world example from a client of Elite High Performance.  MiQ Digital has been working with Elite for a few years and has been developing their senior executives into 2.0 leaders.  Their managing director, Joe Peters, came on the Leadership Launchpad Project podcast to talk about the business results they’ve gotten from their Leadership 2.0 journey.  I would recommend listening to Joe talk about their journey and the results but here are the statistics

  • Leadership 2.0 Delivers Profitable & Engaged Employees:
      • +35% YOY Revenue
      • 83% Employee Engagement (Gallup Reports an Average of 34%)
  • MiQ has turned the Great Resignation into the Great Retention
      • When 41% of people globally are actively looking for another job, MiQ reports 18% which is less than half.
  • Not only are MiQ leaders caring about their people; they also hold their people accountable to results:
      • 80% of MiQ agrees with “we hold ourselves and our team members accountable for results”
      • 93% of MiQ agrees that “my manager or someone in management genuinely cares about my mental wellbeing”
  • Diversity & Inclusion are key pieces in MiQ’s Leadership 2.0 strategy
    • 96% of MiQ agrees that “MiQ is genuinely committed to building teams that are diverse”
    • 93% of MiQ agrees that “MiQ takes inclusion seriously”


Leadership 2.0 makes people happier & healthier, and it also drives business results.


If you want to hear MiQ’s Joe Peters tell us about their 2.0 Leadership journey and their results, you can find the interview on The Leadership Launchpad Project podcast feeds – Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and more.


Want to get business results and make your people happier?  We, at Elite High Performance, specialise in building high-impact leaders who turn their teams into happy high performers that achieve their goals.  Rather than traditional leadership coaching, Elite High Performance blends neuroscience, mindset coaching, high-performance leadership strategies with cutting-edge technology & data to provide a clear path to building a high-performing team – or to turn around an under-performing team. It’s the same way professional sports teams combine high-performance coaching, technology and analytics to build a winning sports team.  Check out or send an email to for more.


– Coach Rob

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