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This week I struggled. 


There were times when I really didn’t feel like myself. There were times when I questioned pretty much everything I was doing. I was completely unhappy for a couple of days. To add onto all of that, I found myself getting really self-critical and judgement towards myself and the way that I was feeling because, as a coach, ‘I just shouldn’t ever feel that way’. Honestly.


As mental health awareness comes to an end, I want to reflect on some of the amazing stories I have read from people sharing their experiences from their own mental health journeys. My alma mater, my former college hockey team, stepped up and had each player share their own story on social media each day last month. It’s important that we show people that even those of us who look extremely privileged, who publicly excel in certain areas of life also struggle. I am very proud of each and every player who shared something.


Yet, I still considered it absolutely NOT ok for me to feel down, upset, and unhappy. I kept going through my mind reminding myself of all of the good things that I should be focusing on, of how ‘it could be worse’…basically trying to guilt trip myself into feeling better. Because I didn’t deserve to feel sad or unhappy. But, logically, I know that’s not true. And it’s definitely not what I coach to my clients. 


So, keeping in line with the general theme of talking about it when we struggle, I want you to know that it is OK to struggle. It is normal, it is not a bad thing; it does not mean you’re any less worthy as a human being, as an athlete, as a parent, sibling, employee, etc. Everyone struggles from time to time. What matters most is how you move forward from it. Do you ignore it or beat yourself up over it? Or do you look in the eye, see it for what it is, and develop a strategy to deal with it and move forward a better version of yourself because of it?


If you are feeling like you’re in a similar area, please don’t be afraid to share your feelings with someone you trust. Talk about it. And if you find yourself looking for or wanting additional help, please reach out to any one of us here at Elite. We see you, we hear you.

– Coach Lauren

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