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Where do you invest more of your time and energy?


Responding to external validation that is out of your control?


Building internal validation that you have the power to create and harness as needed? 


The visual of a rollercoaster resonates with me and how I felt early in my leadership career. I was strapped in (at the beginning voluntarily, and at moments, seemingly against my will) for an exciting ride full of unpredictable highs and lows. I could never see what was coming around the corner and seldomly felt like I was in control. My emotions were a direct response to whatever twists and turns came our team’s way. If we won, I felt great. If we lost, I felt useless. If our people were happy, so was I. If our people were struggling, so was I. It was action-packed, and for the most part, fun, but no one can ride a rollercoaster forever. So I got off the ride, and so can you.


We often talk about how the shift from focusing on results to investing in the process benefits the development of our people, but it is equally beneficial for us as leaders. Focusing on the process allows us to feel in control, which is both empowering and validating. It allows us to build confidence in our ability because it draws attention to the incremental gains we are making along the way and creates the space to celebrate them. 


The best part is that when I shifted my focus away from the “scoreboard,” our team’s results improved. 


Can any of you relate to this?


Let me know if so, by sending a message at Would love to hear your takes!


Thanks, and happy leading folks! 

–  Coach MJ

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