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Before I became a performance coach I worked as a nutritionist in a clinical practice with a team of doctors. It was a stressful work environment with old school leadership that felt more like intimidation. At home as a wife and mother I was always exhausted and irritated and it didn’t seem to matter how great my diet was or how many green smoothies I made or how many supplements I took.


The exhaustion and irritation I felt were representative of a larger problem in my life. Every day I had that list of things that I needed to get done and all the many places where my energy was required. I didn’t know it at the time but I was a doing robot and I never stopped and that’s how hitting burnout showed up in my life. 


Most of the advice on burnout that I see in the mainstream press promotes getting outside, spending time on a hobby, getting more exercise or starting a meditation practice. Those are all great things but they don’t get to the root of the problem.


To address burnout we need to dive deeply into mindset, which is the way we think, because it’s our thinking that drives the choices we make to run down our finite resources of time, energy and focus. The real power is understanding what’s behind the choices we make. 


This is where the real opportunity lies. Whether we are leaders of a team or a company or at home as parents or whatever lane of performance we are in, we can all impact and change our mindset. 


If feeling burned out resonates with you please check out The Launchpad, our upcoming 12-week online group coaching program at Elite High Performance. This program dives deeply into the mindset strategies of a high performer that set us up for sustainable high performance over the long term. It also teaches how to unpack the beliefs that are driving your decisions. This is a skill that we teach that gets you back at the helm of your life. For more information about the Launchpad click HERE.

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