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Who was your favourite coach or teacher growing up, and why? 


When I reflect on my youth experience, there are two coaches that I most fondly recall; my first ever coach in learn to skate hockey, and my junior coach. Why? Because they both: 

  1. Included me: they made me feel like I belonged and gave me opportunities to succeed.
  2. Believed in me: they rooted for me, invested in me and showed confidence in my abilities.
  3. Were fun to be around: they emitted positive energy and realistic optimism (not to be confused with toxic positivity).


Notice that there is no mention of their expertise or winning records.  It was about how they made me feel.


Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of leadership, I go back to this question, and it creates the clarity I need to get back to what matters most, which is helping people feel seen, heard and valued for their contributions. 


How you make people feel is what you will most be most remembered for.


For the record, it’s important to understand that we ALL lead in some context(s). We impact our families, co-workers, friends and even ourselves daily through the actions we take and the words we say (or more commonly these days, ‘type’).


So ask yourself, who was your favourite coach or teacher, and why? There’s a good chance that your answer will shine light on what matters most in your own leadership journey moving forward. 


Have a great week!


-Coach MJ

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