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As January kicks in and we get a start on our goals for this new year your mental health should be a top priority! I believe that building a skillset in emotional intelligence is fundamental to our success as high performers. 


If emotional intelligence hasn’t been on your radar here’s why it needs to be:

  1. Without a strategy to unpack your thoughts and feelings you run on autopilot. In that mental state your life is not your own because it belongs to your habitual mind. You take things personally, get brought down by adversity and stay stuck in self sabotage with limiting beliefs. 
  2. Without a skillset to unpack your emotions they will take over completely, clouding your judgement in the moment. You go through life reacting to situations without true awareness. 
  3. You may have everything it takes to succeed but without emotional intelligence you get sidelined from achieving your goals by negative and self-sabotaging emotional states. You need emotional intelligence to help you overcome self-doubt and setbacks. This is key in a fast changing world that requires us to go through many personal and professional transitions over the course of our lives. 

As high performers we must be able to proactively deal with our stress and setbacks while remaining engaged and open.

Emotional Intelligence is a hallmark of my coaching process. I use a form of EI that helps you identify your emotions, unpack the beliefs that have triggered those emotions and get beyond your autopilot responses so you can respond in a way that is in alignment with your deeper values. As you uncover your limiting beliefs you can challenge them and adopt new beliefs that are in line with your outcome goals. 


Learning how to regulate your emotional state is key to your wellbeing and success.


– Coach Liane

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