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Are you a special young leader or do you know one? We at Elite High Performance started the Launching Leaders Scholarship to connect young leaders to leadership coaching to unleash their highest potential!


Elite High Performance is on a mission to change the way life and business are being played forever.  We believe in creating people-centric leaders who are on missions to impact the world in a positive way and we would like to give opportunities to young leaders who may not be in a financial position to afford coaching.  


We are giving away spots to our Leadership Launchpad program (valued at $3,600) starting in January 2022 to special, young individuals who are looking to take their impact to the next level!  If you would like more details on the Leadership Launchpad program, you can find details here.


The deadline for submissions is January 28, 2022 and we require the young leader to document their leadership journey on social media to spread the ripple effect of Leadership 2.0


If you are one of these individuals, please complete this form.  If you know an individual that you would like to nominate, please share this form with them!


Let’s make an impact together!


– The Elite Dream Team

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