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Happy New Year!


As we have entered into a New Year, with a lot of new beginnings, I wanted to hit on two crucial steps that make achieving your new set of goals more likely. So often, when the new year begins, we get a hit of increased motivation to do new things, develop new habits, eat healthier, workout more, set aside more time for ourselves. Unfortunately, the research shows that we, overwhelmingly, are unsuccessful at sticking to these ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. 


The first thing we have to do has nothing to do with the new year at all, and everything to do with the previous year. Whenever we move on from a previous goal and onto a new one, we must make sure that we celebrate the victories and gather as much information on our performance as we can. If we don’t we’re missing out on crucial information that could help us avoid making the same mistake twice or help us optimize our performance right from the beginning.


So, before you look forward to what’s coming this year, make sure you take a moment to look back on what you were able to achieve last year. What went well? What worked? What are you proud of? What could you work on?


The next step is to make goals with INTENTION. Way too often, we make our goals based off of what we should do. As we get berated by ads on TV and social media, we are constantly told what we should want or what we should do according to society. But the bottom line is this: if your goal isn’t important to YOU… you’re way more likely to lose motivation and fall off course.


As you set your goals for this year, ask yourself what you truly want. Why is it important that you achieve it? What do you expect to feel once you’ve achieved it? What obstacle do you think you may encounter? How have you overcome similar obstacles in the past? Don’t just set goals. Set goals with INTENTION. Share your goals with people you trust; create an accountability system. 

– Coach Lauren

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