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Hello & Happy New Year! 


January represents a month of new beginnings. This year, while it might feel challenging to remain optimistic in the midst of a world that keeps throwing us curveballs—here we are with a fresh start and a new chapter in our lives. 


If you’re reading this it means you’ve been gifted a new year. Let’s make the most of it by starting the month off with an abundance mentality. 


What is an abundance mentality and why does it matter?


Abundant thinking is about what we have. It’s important as high performers to see abundant thinking as a pathway to our higher self because it allows us to see possibilities rather than limits. If we practise awareness and become more intentional in the way we think about our circumstances we can cultivate the power of our existing internal and external resources.


Many of us have a tendency to get stuck in a scarcity mindset. That type of mindset keeps us in a state of anxiety and fear because we feel that we don’t have enough. We have inadequate resources or insufficient skill to achieve our goals. 


One of the top ways that scarcity shows up is in “if only” and comparison thinking. Social media has made the habit of comparison worse because it’s natural to feel pressure to live a life that “looks good.” We end up ranking ourselves against what we see. 


We don’t intentionally bring a scarcity mindset to life but we do have a choice about whether or not to buy into it and let it rule our lives.


Here are 3 steps you can use now to bring more abundance to your mindset:

  1. Mindfulness – Recognize when you are ruminating or getting caught up in scarcity thinking. 
  2. Take Action – Once you recognize that your thoughts are taking you into fear and scarcity, what could you do to shift your mindset to abundance? How could you start to meet the challenges you face with the resources you do have?
  3. Gratitude – Gratitude is one of the most powerful and recognized tools for creating abundance. If you do a mental inventory of all that you have to be thankful for you will amplify the good in your life. 


Wishing you a happy, healthy and abundant start to 2022!


– Coach Liane

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