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As we step into 2022, it is important to take some time out to reflect on the past 12 months to truly gauge our progress and identify what our biggest accomplishments were, what challenges we were faced with, what we learned from those challenges, and how we can take those lessons with us into the new year.


I start this by getting silent, wiping the slate clean, and reading my journal entries from the past year so I can see how I evolved throughout the year, through the adversity, log the wins I had along the way, and pull some of the lessons from those experiences.


Sometimes we don’t realize just how much we endure within the 365-day journey around the sun. For myself, I realize that I faced a lot of challenges this year. One of which was a major setback to my athletic career that came in the form of MCL surgery and a 6-month intensive rehabilitation program.


As an athlete there is nothing more daunting than hearing you need major surgery. Reading back in my journal there was a lot of uncertainty and fear around the process of returning to play and what the future would look like for me in sport. Luckily the resilience I had built from recovering from previous injuries and the mental training I had received in the Brain Training for Athletes program not long before the injury gave me the tools I needed to move forward with confidence.


I created a detailed return to play plan for myself that kept me accountable to doing the work needed in order the get back into shape for the next season. I followed it to a T. This meant daily physio exercises, getting a bike in my apartment for rehab, frequent visits to my physiotherapist, consistently tracking my progress, adjusting my programming as necessary, and putting in the work on the days that were hard (and there was plenty of them). Now I look back with pride that I was able to persevere through that difficult experience – mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Take time to reflect on your year with these questions:

  • What was your biggest win this year?
  • What challenged you this year?
  • What did you learn from those challenges?
  • What surprised you this year?
  • How did you grow?
  • What are you grateful for?


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– Coach Taylor

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