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We often feel like things need to be perfect before we get started on our next venture or take that leap of faith into the unknown. We say, “Once I have this, then I’ll be ready”. But when that next thing arrives, we find some other reason why we can’t start.


I felt this exact same way before starting my podcast, Taylored Minds, last year. I had no idea where to start, how to brand it, what hosting platform to use or what a hosting platform even was! I knew absolutely nothing. So, I did some research and bought a mic in summer of 2020. 


Still, I didn’t launch. I had this incessant voice in my head telling me that I need to learn more, I need to find an area of specialization, and needed to wait for the right time. I waited…and waited…and kept waiting…but the “right time” never came. 


Then I had a revelation. There is no right time. You can’t wait for the stars to align to finally get started on your passions or you’ll be waiting forever.


There is nothing wrong with preparing yourself for the leap except for when they hold you back from getting started. That voice made me feel as if I wasn’t qualified or experienced enough to embark on this amazing journey. Questions popped up; Who would listen? Why would anyone want to listen to what I have to say? What if I fail?


Then I reframed the question: What if I succeed? I decided to take the leap of faith into the unknown and start before I was ready. I would figure it out along the way.


Learning is part of the process. Making mistakes is actually one of the best things you can do when starting something new because it helps solidify the learning more. 


Now I look back on that decision a year later and feel so grateful I took that leap. I have released 20 episodes, have listeners ranging from US/Canada to the UK to Russia, and have made so many connections with other female athletes and entrepreneurs. 


One of my first episodes features Amanda McGrew, the founder of Playoff Dating App, who knew absolutely nothing about tech before having this amazing idea to create an app for athletes to connect. She chose to take that leap anyways and figure it out along the way and this past Olympics, Playoff made it into the Olympic village for athletes to enjoy.


So, ask yourself: What if you succeed?


– Coach Taylor

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