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“We’ve always done it this way”


Many people call this the most dangerous phrase and yet, I’ve heard it from high-level executives in my career.  It’s a way to maintain status quo, destroy any chances at psychological safety, trust and innovation, lose your best employees and, ultimately, lose any chance of being the best.  Sometimes, it’s more than a team or company problem, it’s an industry problem.


How do we change an industry?


We need courage.  We need to understand who we are and what we believe is true.  We need to set up our people for success in high-trust, low-fear cultures.  We need to develop our people and allow them the latitude to innovate, try, fail and learn.


Ultimately, we need to challenge the status quo.  We need to challenge the unwritten rules.


On this week’s The Leadership Launchpad Project, Jason Kosec, CEO of Millennial Precious Metals, joins Susan and Rob to talk about how he’s disrupting an industry, challenging the unwritten rules and setting his people & company up for success.  Check it out on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and more!


We, at Elite High Performance, have a few groups to give you communities of leaders who are challenging the status quo of their industries and programs to develop the leaders within your companies.  If those are something you are interested in to take your impact game to the next level, reach out to me at and we can discuss which one is right for you!


– Coach Rob

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