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As high performers we need to make space for growth because we get satisfaction from seeing ourselves progress and take on new challenges.

Knowing this still doesn’t make it easy to embrace growth because it represents change. Often resistance will pop up because our brain doesn’t like change. Our autopilot is set up for the path of least resistance. Our brain likes the safety of the couch and the cheese puffs because that requires the least amount of energy.

This is why we must actively strategize our momentum to keep pushing forward.

1. Awareness is key. Every day we are making decisions to do what we’ve always done or face the hard thing.
2. Are you more afraid of the unpleasant feelings that could result if things don’t turn out the way you want than from the actual risk itself?
3. Are you putting too much pressure to meet a certain standard or prove yourself to others?

If we check and vet our decisions in this way we can start to unpack our avoidance and excuses. The key is to make our objective to learn and grow. Our brain can get on board with that because it feels doable. When something feels doable it helps us access the confidence and motivation we need to actually move forward.

-Coach Liane

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