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The art of Kintsugi is repairing broken objects with gold to highlight the “scars” and show that when an object suffers damage, it becomes more beautiful.

At Elite, we believe that we can turn that pain into purpose. We can use the pain to launch ourselves into the next stratosphere of our impact.

I can speak to that with experience; I had a “perfect” life. in water polo, I was a national champion, a Canadian National Junior team member, was invited to centralize with the Senior national team but chose to attend one of the top engineering schools in the world, MIT. I graduated and I found a job in mining making almost 6 figures.

I had no depth. I had no experience. I had no perspective. I had no pain.

People told me I was smart, they told me I worked hard but that was it. I was limited, I knew one thing; how to work hard.

After battling with depression, anxiety & PTSD, a suicide attempt and spending years in coaching, therapy, exploring my mind with psychedelics and pivoting my career into leadership coaching, I’ve changed.

I have perspective.

Now, I get told I have depth, that I have gravity, that I am wise, that I am a “guru”.

My suffering and my healing have given me purpose and given me access to a part of me that has wisdom. Now I’m on a mission to change leadership and bring high performance to workplaces around the world.

Susan Hobson is no different. She had it all too, a top hockey recruit moving to an elite prep school in New England and then getting recruited to Princeton while battling with Crohn’s. While a freshman, her Dad passed away from cancer and she had to rebuild her mindset from ground up.

It gave her depth. It gave her perspective. It made her wise. It gave her a purpose to bring those leadership mindset strategies to the world. She’s driven to change the way the games of life & business are being played forever.

Our Leadership Launchpad Project guest this week, Charli Matthews, the founder and CEO of Empowering Brands, recently underwent open heart surgery and it has launched her purpose into the stratosphere! Check it out on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts and more!

For leadership programs and services that will help you learn how to build trust, psychological safety & high-performance mindsets with your team, check out Elite High Performance or book a call with me to chat about what we have to offer.

-Coach Rob

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