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Being courageous does not mean that you have no fear, it means that you are making a conscious decision to confront (and overcome) it.

In life, fear is inevitable. It’s an emotion that, for centuries, has been essential for our survival. Our minds have been programmed to move away from things that can harm us, and towards things that can please us.

But there is a difference between our lives being threatened by a predator and our confidence being threatened by what someone thinks of us. Unfortunately, our brain can’t always distinguish between the two when it comes to our emotional response, as they are both threats.

That’s where courage comes in; it allows us to assess the fear for what it really is, and make the conscious decision that we are better off overcoming it than succumbing to it.

In other words, we benefit more from being our authentic selves than hiding who we are for fear of judgement from others.

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-Coach MJ

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