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One of the quickest ways to get there is by taking time to connect with the things that we care the most about—our passions.

Now that my kids are back to school I’ve been actively focused on reengaging with a consistent morning routine. I am already feeling more energetic thanks to a morning routine that involves a workout. An active lifestyle is a passion of mine. I’ve found with my routine that getting outside consistently is something that I really love and it has the added bonus of impacting my sleep more positively than anything else I do. That sets me up for feeling energized the next day.

I also realized that our family had gotten into a bit of a rut because of past lockdowns. We all love food and trying new things so we are planning monthly family dates at restaurants we haven’t tried yet that are further afield than our neighbourhood. We just had one of these family dates this past weekend and even though it initially felt like a bit of work to get there—we all felt a lift from it. I could tell because the family conversation was more animated than usual. I came home feeling much more positive myself and that was just one break from the autopilot routine.

I think it’s important to reconnect with the reasons why we get out of bed in the morning. When we invest our valuable resources of time, energy and focus towards the things that are important to us, the emotional return on investment is what drives a high quality life experience. What are the decisions that you could make that to get closer to your passions and values?

– Coach Liane

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