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As high performers we need courage as a mental resource to act even when an outcome feels uncertain, risky or scary. Many of us struggle with overcoming self-doubt and anxiety to access courage because it isn’t easy to share the messy version of ourselves. We fear emotional exposure. It feels too vulnerable to take a leap or put ourselves out there if we are afraid of what people might think.

The first step to cultivating more courage in our lives is by understanding how it’s linked to vulnerability. We need courage and vulnerability to go out of our comfort zone because we might make embarrassing mistakes. We need courage and vulnerability to have meaningful relationships because revealing our authentic selves is the only way we can truly feel seen.

If we want more courage we need to allow more vulnerability into our lives.

When we see that courage is grounded in vulnerability it allows us to shift into a mindset where we can own our vulnerability and see ourselves as powerfully vulnerable. We see it as a courageous way to show up in the world. This helps us set ourselves up to work with our fear, see how it makes us hesitate and instead see it as an opportunity to learn to trust ourselves and let go.

– Coach Liane

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