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Here we are friends, in the first week of March. Last week, we said good-bye to the month of love by focusing on THE most important loving relationship-the one we are in every single day with ourselves.

In today’s MoMonday video I want to take a closer look at the strength of that relationship by asking the question ‘Do You Trust Yourself?’

So, what does self-trust have to do with motivation you ask? Think about it like any other significant relationship you have-if you didn’t trust that person to show up, support, and care for you, how strong would that relationship be? What if they couldn’t be trusted to follow through on what they told you they would do or to give you what you needed to feel connected to them-how confident would you be in that relationship? How motivated would you be to give any of that which is required to that person to create a solid, fulfilling relationship? To help them feel happy, loved and successful?

In today’s MoMonday Video: Do You Trust Yourself, I deliver a top-notch performance-enhancing assessment tool designed to help you determine the strength of your self-trust.

As a special bonus, I also announce a FREE webinar that I am hosting this Saturday, March 7th at noon, where I will go deeper into examining ‘The Most Important Relationship’. As always, I will deliver the latest and greatest tips, tricks, tools and strategies designed to help you enhance this very important relationship, including what to do to increase your level of self-trust.

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Remember to make every performance count!
-Coach Susan

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