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Define what high-performance is for you.

  • What does that mean in your context?
  • How do you know how your team is performing on the scale of low to elite performance?

Inspire & Engage Your People with Why

  • Why is high-performance important to you?
  • Why is it important to each of them?
  • A great question to think about is ‘what’s in it for them’
  • Leadership & Mindset Hack – Get your team to come up with a Why for the team.  It has the additional benefit of creating additional buy-in from them to align with the Why

Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk

  • Start with yourself.  Ensure you are fully aligned both in how you talk, work and act towards the goal of high-performance.
  • Your people are watching and they will notice any misalignment

High-Performance Foundations of Diversity & Psychological Safety

  • Amy Edmonson’s & Google’s research on psychological safety demonstrate that it is the #1 factor in high-performance teams.
  • Dr. Edmonson’s newer research shows that diverse teams with high psychological safety outperform all other teams.  However, diverse teams with low psychological safety underperform non-diverse teams (with both high and low psych safety)

Enter the Continuous Improvement / Growth Mindset Cycle

  • With high psych safety, people feel safer sharing innovations, improvement ideas, creativity and problems.  This allows your team to enter a continuous improvement cycle where you can experiment & iterate ideas to improve performance.

Measure and Celebrate Successes

  • As your team improves towards your goal of high-performance, ensure you’re measuring and celebrating successes.
  • As a leader, creating positive momentum and building upon wins is critical to keep your people engaged, growing and innovating.

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Rob Kalwarowsky | High-Performance + Leadership Coach 

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