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Confidence is required fuel for success in any lane of performance. Yet many of us unknowingly undercut our confidence daily.


As high achievers we have a playbook of beliefs that sets us up to pursue high standards that are difficult or impossible to live up to. Because the standards we set are difficult to achieve, we will often not hit them 100% and that gap will put us into an internal thinking process that focuses on all the ways we’ve fallen short. 


When our focus is skewed towards where we didn’t measure up it means we don’t see the areas where we did well. High achievers typically will only recognize a “championship” moment as a win. 


In that mindset we can only see perfect, extraordinary results as meaning success. That inability to look back and recognize where we’ve been successful gets in the way of our ability to build strong self-belief that we are capable of doing next level things.


A growth mindset helps us move past this roadblock. With a growth mindset we don’t focus on outcomes and needing them to look a certain way. We consciously place our focus on our progress and growth. If we can see that we’ve learned something about ourselves or improved in some way, that’s a win. 


When this is our standard of success it results in being able to constantly and consistently recognize and connect with all the progress that we’ve made. That helps us get past focusing on our mistakes or perceived failures because they don’t matter—what matters is our progress. Where did I learn and grow? This is how we can influence and grow our capacity to feel confident.


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– Coach Liane

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