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This is a question I struggled with A LOT as an elite athlete. How could I ever feel fulfilled or satisfied with my play when I knew that I could always be better? 

It’s an extremely important balance to achieve at the highest levels of competition; between wanting more and knowing when you’ve truly done your best regardless of the outcome.

As a younger athlete just getting into division I hockey, I had no idea how to measure my success aside from playing time and coach recognition. And in that first year O got very little of both of those things. 

Learning to understand that I could feel fulfilled in myself as an athlete without any kind of external achievement was a steep learning curve but, ultimately, it is what allowed me to experience real happiness in my sport.

I don’t think I ever would have felt any sort of fulfillment had I continued to go down the path of needing external validation or achievement because it never would have been enough… I never would have been enough. 

I had to learn to see achievement through a different lens in order to feel fulfilled. Like so many other athletes, I had to adjust my focus and train my brain on how to focus on internal measures of success.

It was difficult, like teaching myself a new language, but at the end of the day, I know it’s what allowed me to feel satisfied with myself as an athlete.

-Coach Lauren

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