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Pivots in hockey are designed to help the player make a quick change in direction. The same goes for pivoting in life. We move in various directions following passions, dreams, leaders, or careers, and sometimes, we devote a lot of our time, resources, and energy moving in those directions. It can also feel like once we’ve devoted significant time and energy into a certain direction that it’s nearly impossible to abandon. 

When you’ve put in months or years of work, changing your direction can seem impossible…yet necessary. When your path no longer meets your needs and values, you must pivot. This process can look different for everyone; maybe it starts out as a loss of passion, a lack of interest, or feigned motivation. But the underlying feeling is there… something doesn’t feel right. 

SO, if you’re noticing that you’re feeling this way about the path you have been on, don’t be afraid to ask yourself the question: is it time to pivot? This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon whatever it is you’re doing for good. Maybe you need to put it aside for a while to follow a new passion. It’s ok to change your path and, in fact, when you’re on the growth journey, change is sometimes necessary.

-Coach Lauren

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