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Some leaders learn about psychological safety, candor, empathy, and other high-performance leadership strategies, and they immediately jump to trying to implement these strategies.  

But they forget about the foundation – building trust. 

We have nothing without trust.

How can we expect to foster a high-performance culture with a lack of trust?  

How can we expect our people to support each other if they are afraid of being stabbed in the back, or worse, in the front?  

How can we ask our people to be open, honest and to give their best to us if they can’t trust we’ll do the same for them?

On this week’s Leadership Launchpad Project podcast, Nancy Bardugnon joins Rob Kalwarowsky to talk about building the foundation of trust.  We also talk about self-awareness, the gap between intentions and impact, and Nancy gives us her top leadership tips.

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Your highest potential is our passion, so let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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