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We’re talking about congruent DECISIONS not congruent ANGLES… and, clearly, I may have some limiting beliefs about Math. But that’s for me to deal with another time. 

When we talk about making congruent decisions, there are a few key aspects at play: our values, our unconditioned self, our goals, and emotional return on investment (eROI). In order to make decisions that give us that high emotional ROI, our decisions have to be aligned with our values, our unconditioned self, and the goals that we have set for ourselves. 

Sounds like a laundry list though, doesn’t it? But if we get into it, it’s really quite simple. Your unconditioned self is the version of you that existed before you were told how you should behave, the things you should like to do, the things you should be interested in. Your unconditioned self is the version of you who knows what your true passion and purpose is. Your values are like your moral compass that points towards what you find is inherently important to you. 

So, congruent decisions are made when you take into consideration and listen to your values, your passion, and your goals. When we get all three of these key aspects lined up and make a decision that aligns with each one, we experience a high emotional ROI (AKA, we feel GOOD/GREAT about it). 

So whether you’re making the decision to wake up earlier in the morning to get a workout in before a hectic day, spend time with a friend/loved one instead of scrolling through your phone, or blocking time to make healthier meals, when that decision time comes, ask yourself which direction will align with your values, your goals, and your passions.

-Coach Lauren

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