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Are you feeling disengaged at work?

Do you wake up exhausted, dreading the workday ahead?

Are you getting sick more often, feeling down emotionally, having more negative thoughts than usual?

You could be one of the many people experiencing symptoms of burnout right now.

On this week’s episode of The Leadership Launchpad Project, burnout expert & naturopathic doctor, Dr. Melanie DeCunha ND joins Rob and I to talk about what burnout is, how to identify it in yourself & your people, and gives us some actionable strategies to help pump the brakes on burnout. Listen to the podcast here! 

Burnout has become rampant because of the disruption and thus rise in stress for us all from COVID – people feeling isolated & disconnected from their work, and the uncertainty around returning to work.

If you want to measure and improve your team’s psychological safety to improve their performance and capture all of the benefits, Rob Kalwarowsky is now a certified ‘Fearless Organization Practitioner’ and is offering psychological safety assessments. Contact us to get one set up for your team, as he will be offering the first 10 people their assessment for FREE for a limited time offer. 

If it sounds like something you need, learn more here. 

I can hardly wait for you to check out today’s episode with Dr. Mel – burnout is rampant and we cannot play our biggest impact game or support those we lead when burnout is in the house. 

So give it a listen and let’s help you and your team start pumping the brakes on burnout. 

Your highest potential is our passion, let’s unleash it together!

-Coach Susan

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